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Imagine Create Design


Imagine Create Design

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It is the synthesis of programs, technologies, budgets, personalities, and environments into imaginative realities. The quality of our architecture is sustained through the initiatives of talented individuals, whose creativity and innovative ideas are encouraged. 

Who we are?

HPA is a multi-disciplined design corporation that offers services in both architecture and planning to institutions, corporations, and developers throughout the Western United States.

Partners Yong Nam, Bob Jacob, and Susan Littlefield have diverse backgrounds and expertise. Working together at HPA for sixteen years, they are the new generation of leadership that continues to enhance HPA’s reputation for creating value for it’s clients. The philosophy at HPA is that service is a keystone of working as an architect. We are committed to our client’s objectives and strive to provide services that save them time, save them money, provide them flexibility, functionality and provide them with facilities that are a valuable asset.


The Founders

The Founders

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Susan Littlefield


Great design requires a strong vision and for over two decades with HPA, Inc., Susan has been creating this.  Designing with enthusiasm and passion, keeping in mind budget and schedules, her greatest sense of satisfaction comes from not only creating great design solutions, but also from seeing the vision become reality.  She enjoys the collaborative process,  lending her experience and expertise to facilitate smart decision-making and great design.  Remember to be careful what you ask for with Susan;  you will probably get it and you’ll want it, all within the established budget.


Yong Nam


For the past two decades with HPA, Inc., Yong has provided innovative thinking combined with a strong service commitment. This has earned him an excellent reputation amongst clients and colleagues alike.  Designing and programming over 100 million square feet of facilities enables his expertise to be shared with the clients.  His desire for perfection, dedication, knowledge and expertise transcends into the team effort from all levels.  He knows he has been successful when clients turn into friends, which is a by product of collaboration, trust, and mutual respect.


Bob JAcob


Bob brings a wide variety of experience to HPA, Inc.  His success is a direct result of his hands-on approach to the development, design and management of projects.  For nearly two decades, his involvement capitalizes on his willingness to listen and interpret client’s objectives, while utilizing the resources of all team members to accomplish the clients goals.  HPA’s clients tackle complicated projects and when it gets complicated for the client, Bob is there to sort out the issues and refocus the team on effective solutions.  Both the contractors and clients come back asking for Bob on repeating projects.


Over the last decade these three partners have become central to the operations at HPA. They have been a driving force in establishing the unparalleled reputation HPA now enjoys in the real estate industry.  Yong, Bob, and Susan are now owners and partners in the organization they helped build. Yong provides strategic leadership, while he and Bob manage operations and projects, continuing to create value for our many long-term clients. Susan addresses the design process, continuing to differentiate an HPA facility from others in the marketplace in functionality and image.  From the two original founders to today’s three partners, HPA continues to excel by providing the best architectural services available.


Northern California

HPA has its historic roots in Southern California servicing the growth in the real estate industry fueled by the largest manufacturing center in the country in Los Angeles County and the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach forming the largest logistical system in the Country.

Northern California has its own growth dynamics in the Silicon Valley and the tech centered companies of the Bay Area. HPA created an office of professionals from the Bay area in 2012 to best service the needs of the Northern California real estate industry. If we were vintners we might speak of the terroir of a particular site and how it might generate a unique character to wine grown there. In architecture the particular City agencies and the individuals in them, the county agencies, the contractors and subcontractors, the brokerage community, the infrastructure in place and planned, the residential communities nearby, and the active real estate developers all contribute to the terrior of what might be the best blend for architectural services.

Teresa Goodwin is the HPA vintner blending services in our Northern California office. The office is located in Oakland where Teresa lives. Operating as HPA in Oakland since 2011, Teresa has developed a sense of the terrior in the diverse markets of Northern California. She is on a first name basis with officials from Union City, Tracy, Livermore, San Leandro, Fremont, Hayward, Richmond, Lathrop, Newark, Sacramento, Manteca, San Francisco, and of course Oakland.


Meet the Family

Meet the Family

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